Dunn-Edwards Paints

             Honest Home's vision is to offer high quality and sustainable home improvement products including Non-VOC paints and primers manufactured by Dunn-Edwards Corporation whose mission has always been to provide the best performing paint in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and well-being of its customers. 

             Dunn-Edwards has been a disciplined leader in the concept of green product manufacturing long before it became popular. In 2011, Dunn-Edwards opened the world’s first and only LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility designed to be the greenest in the industry.

Interior & Exterior Paints and Primers

             Whether you are looking for interior or exterior paints Dunn-Edwards provides quality solutions to make painting projects look professional. 

Interior Paints & Primers

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Exterior Paints & Primers 

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             As a Dealer for Dunn-Edwards Corporation Los Angeles CA, Honest Home is able to offer the best high quality and sustainable interior and exterior paint and primer products for your home or office.

Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.