Our Design Process

             The design process is an iterative process and a collaborative endeavor requiring discussions, creative thought, detailed work, analysis, decisions, as well as, time and effort. To accomplish this collaborative endeavor, Honest Home offers a win-win approach.

Design Proposal

             After an initial consultation to acquire a general understanding of the Client’s vision, goals and objectives, as well as, to define the general scope and requirements of the project, Honest Home will present a Design Proposal (a Quote) for consideration. 

             The Design Proposal will describe the general design services, as well as, the design fee for the proposed project. The design fee is generally considered modest and fair for the effort and will be credited back to the Client on the project. Acceptance of the design proposal and payment of the design fee will establish a Client relationship and initiate the design process.

             The design team will then conduct an on-site visit for an assessment, perform measurements, and conduct design discussions to further understand Client’s envisioned project. The design team will then transform the information and requirements into initial conceptual design renderings for Client’s review and approval. Absent any changes the design team will then produce final renderings.

Project Proposal

             Once final renderings are accepted, a Project Proposal (a Quote) will be developed to deliver the project as designed. The Project Proposal will be presented to the Client for consideration. Depending on the type of project, the Project Proposal may be one or more quotes for products and services, or a more comprehensive renovation or construction proposal.

             Upon presenting the Project Proposal, the Client may then decide to proceed or not to proceed by accepting or not accepting the Project Proposal. If the client decides to proceed with the project by accepting the Project Proposal, the project will be initiated and the design fee will be credited to the project.

             In the event the Client decides not to proceed with the project, the design renderings belong to the Client and there is no further obligation from either party and the Client may utilize the design as they wish. 

Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.