Plan & Design

             Plan and Design may be considered as the most important process, phase or activity of one’s new home build or home improvement journey. Plan and Design is an iterative process that incorporates Art and Architecture that results in initial, preliminary, and final design plans. 

             One goal of the design process is to explore concepts that provide aesthetically pleasing and effective solutions that reflect one’s personal taste and lifestyle. To achieve this important goal, Honest Home's plan and design process assists homeowners with the selection of interior finishes including; flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, hardware, lighting, appliances and paint, and the development of a design collection.

              The following illustrates an example of one our design collections:

Metro-Astoria Design Collection    offers an inspiring color palette that features medium grays complemented with medium-soft whites accented with metallic nickel and chrome that will compliment and enhance any contemporary taste and lifestyle.

              Our showroom and design studio serves as a unique working space that allows homeowners and our design consultants the opportunity to work collaboratively during the plan and design process, as well as, provides homeowners with the ability to personally evaluate and experience the latest trending design concepts and products available to finish the interior of their new or renovated home. 


Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.