Cork, the outer bark of the cork oak tree from the Mediterranean region, is a renewable, recyclable, and sustainable natural raw material resource. Cork as flooring is very resilient, naturally resistant to invasive organisms as well as mold and mildew. Cork is one of the more hypoallergenic flooring options available, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

             Keeping with its vision to offer high quality and sustainable home improvement products, Honest Home provides a high quality, sustainable and aesthetically beautiful line of cork flooring options provided by world-class suppliers.

Cork Flooring Suppliers

             Amorim Cork Flooring, is part of Corticeira Amorim, the largest world producer of cork products. It is the market leader and contributes towards sustainability and innovation like no other player in the sector.  Amorim’s mission is to develop innovative and sustainable cork based flooring solutions to contribute to people health, people comfort and people future. Amorim Wise creates sustainable products that provide a healthy and feel good environment for everyone.

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            APC Cork, one of the top North American distributors of cork flooring, offering a variety of floating floors, residential and commercial glue down tiles, cork underlayments and flooring accessories. APC Cork’s goal is to be a professional, eco-conscience supplier of cork floating floors and cork tiles to the public and educate them on the benefits of using it in their home.

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             Since becoming a dealer / representative for Amorim Cork Flooring and APC Cork, Honest Home is proud to have fulfilled orders from its local and out-of-state environmentally conscious customers; architects, building owners and homeowners.

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