Natural Lighting

             Natural sunlight offers aesthetic and economic benefits to any home or office space. More importantly, natural sunlight can provide significant mental and biological benefits to humans while living and working in their spaces.

             Let natural sunlight brighten your home and office, as well as, your day with Solatube® daylighting systems offered by Honest Home.

Brilliant Engineering

             Innovation is at the heart of every Solatube® daylighting system. Each product is built using technology as brilliant as the sunlight they bring into your home.

Designed Function


       Light enters Solatube® daylighting systems through a roof-mounted dome.


       The “tube” of Solatube® daylighting systems are constructed using Spectral® Infinity Tubing, the most reflective material in the world

       With up to 99.7% specular reflectivity and accurate color rendition, Spectral® Infinity Tubing can not only brings the truest, brightest sunlight in your home, it can deliverer it up to 30 ft, ensuring even the lowest levels of your house can receive sunlight.


       Solatube® 160 ISn systems come equipped with a solar panel within the tubing. By This capturing sunlight during the day, photo-voltaic cell is able to power the system’s NightLight, LED lighting that provides a soft glow to illuminate sleeping dogs, toys, and other tripping hazards.

       The LED NightLight photoelectric system qualifies all Solatube® 160 ISn systems for a 30% tax credit.


       Light is delivered from the Spectral® Infinity Tubing into your home through a selection of Solatube® Decorative Fixtures and diffusers.

       Different diffusers may be used to warm or soften the light delivered into your home. We also offer dimmer and nighttime lighting options to control the amount of light that is brought into your home.

       Ventilation options are also available.




Valued Features

             Using a combination of patented Raybender® 3000 and LightTracker™ Reflector technology, the dome is able to both capture low-angle light during the morning and evening and limit direct midday sunlight to provide consistent lighting throughout the day.

             Seamless, single-piece steel construction makes the flashing surrounding the dome leakproof. The round design of this flashing allows rain and debris to bypass the dome, making Solatube® daylighting systems nearly maintenance-free.

             Solatube® daylighting systems are energy-efficient. By using no-cost sunlight to brighten your home, you can reduce your electricity usage and bill every month. Solatube® 160 DSe system is Energy Star-certified. By using thermal insulation panel, this system is able to minimize heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer for extreme climates.

Fast Installation
             Traditional skylights often require cutting through rafters and joists. These structural changes can take days to complete and may require framing, wall repairs, or painting.
             Unlike traditional skylights, Solatube® daylighting systems can go around obstructions. This allows a single Solatube® daylighting systems to be installed by a single installer within a single day.

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Questions about pricing and installation?         

             Specifying Solatube products requires an understanding of the property where the Solatube products are being installed. Honest Home recommends contacting our Showroom and Design Center for proper configuration of the Daylighting System for your project.

             Ask one of our trained customer service professionals! You can contact our staff by phone or email, or you can visit our showroom and design center to talk to someone in person and see a Solatube® daylighting system for yourself.
             Our contact information and store hours are in the Contact Us page. We are happy to assist.

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