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            Hemp is an annual herbaceous flowering plant that is a renewable, recyclable, and sustainable natural raw material resource.

            Research shows that hemp is a very promising renewable resource because of its multipurpose usability, short production cycle, low capital demand in cultivation, and its carbon sequestering capability.

             As an annual crop with an incredible growth rate, not only is hemp renewable, but the natural resource may have the capability to provide nearly all of the natural fibers needed by industry that will in turn help preserve the world's natural forest resources.

             Hemp has great carbon capture capability. Photosynthesis turns CO2 into cellulose while releasing oxygen into our atmosphere. Hemp absorbs more CO2 per acre than any other agricultural crop. Hemp is biodegradable and the products made from hemp return to the earth. Cellulose fibers typically decay within weeks or months, providing nutrients back to the soil.

            Hemp Flooring. Hemp is used for flooring due to its high hardness, resiliency, and naturally resistant to invasive organisms. The eco-friendly nature of hemp ensures its ability to meet increased demand, and its aesthetic improvements should allow many modern flooring designs.

Hemp Flooring Suppliers

             HempWood, a hemp building products supplier is committed to providing healthy sustainable building materials that are good for both the environment and for people.

             With climate concerns at an all-time high, HempWood continues to pioneer the way to healthy sustainable building materials. HempWood uses PureBond FSC® Plywood in their flooring and operates its facilities at a carbon-negative rate.

             HempWood maintains an Environmental Product Declaration for responsible sourced materials and outlines the steps it takes to support our planet.

HempWood Honest Home

             Since becoming a representative/dealer for HempWood, Honest Home is proud to fulfill orders from its local and out-of-state environmentally conscious customers; architects, building owners and homeowners.

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