Design, Build & Renovation Services

             Our design, build and renovation services employs our general project management phase approach to effectively design, plan and manage clients' projects from beginning to end. Our project management phase approach promotes effective communications, plans and schedules work, enables resources to perform work, and manages quality, time, and money to the satisfaction of our clients. 

Project Management

             Project Initiation and Planning - The project initiation and planning phase is to understand our clients' needs, desires and vision, develop designs, plan and organize work to be accomplished. This phase is an iterative process that results in initial designs and plans, preliminary designs and plans, and final designs with a project plan, as well as, quotes, proposals and agreements.

             Project Execution, Monitoring and Control - Execute, Monitor and Control activities authorizes work to be performed, administers permits, tracks performance and takes action to ensure work is performed as scheduled, within budget and with quality assured.

            Project Closure - The project closure phase verifies work scope is complete, closes out procurement and administers customer acceptance and contractual obligations.

 Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.