Motivational - "A Million Dreams"

                  Motivation is critical to leading any business, large or small. To assist Honest Home in its journey, the Company has selected a music-video for motivation that reflects and aligns with the Company’s vision, philosophy and beliefs. Honest Home's music-video performed by Australian singer Jasmine Clarke is "A Million Dreams".

                  The Company, Gallop Green Ventures, LLC, founded by partners Sandra Perry and Tony Ellis in 2013 operated as the Bluegrass Green Company in the Nulu area of Louisville Kentucky. Sandra, a Designer, and Tony an Attorney, both relocated from New York City believing if they could make it in New York New York they could make it anywhere.

                  At the end of 2014, partner Tony exited the business to pursue his dream, a legal practice, while Sandra rebranded the Company as Honest Home to pursue her dreams. Today, Honest Home, a Woman-Owned Small Business Home Improvement, Design and Renovation Center operating in St. Matthews, continues to pursue the dream.

                  For inspiration and motivation, please consider viewing and sharing Honest Home's motivational music-video "A Million Dreams".

Share the Dreams and Keep on Dream’n,
Honest Home

Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.