PaperStone manufacturers a versatile, solid surface building material used for both household and commercial building projects including countertops, bathroom partitions, wall cladding, paneling and furniture.

             PaperStone, created from recycled paper and a non-petroleum resin, is durable, water resistant and easy to work with. PaperStone’s range of colors and price-point have made it a favorite choice for homes, restaurants, laboratories, office buildings, universities and premiere U.S. museums and attractions. 

  • Durable – Nearly as hard as rock, PaperStone is less brittle than stone or engineered quartz brands. It is a stain resistant, heat -resistant, non-porous surface. Its superior strength allows innovative cantilevered designs with up to 18 inches of overhang using the ¾-inch thick material.
  • Beautiful – Available in a variety of rich colors, PaperStone assumes a warm, lustrous patina as it ages.
  • Green and sustainable – Nearly all of the PaperStone products are comprised of 50- to 100-percent recycled paper, natural pigments and our own non-petroleum based resins. Because it has been certified by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards, PaperStone plays a lead role in enabling a building project to acquire LEED points toward certification.

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             Our showroom and design studio serves as a unique working space that allows homeowners and our design consultants the opportunity to work collaboratively during the plan and design process, as well as, provides homeowners with the ability to personally evaluate and experience product samples.

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