Design & Build

             Honest Home values design and strives to be meet its customers’ deign needs and considers creativity and innovation critical attributes.

             Honest Home’s Mandarin Design, a unique design concept for a New Residential Design and Build project in St, Johns Florida, illustrates Honest Home's desire to satisfy customer needs, as well as, gratify Honest Home's passion to be innovative and unique.

    Residential Design & Build


                 Honest Home's Mandarin Project is a New Residential, Modern Design and Build Project. The Mandarin project's design principles include:


    Modern Architectural Style
    Resort Style Atmosphere
    Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Solar Powered
    Age-In-Place Residence
    Generate Rental Income from Luxury Apartment


                 Honest Home’s Mandarin Design is described as a solar powered 3,300 square foot residential property with the main residential area to serve as an Age-In-Place residence with an additional lock-out luxury residential area to serve as a a long term or short term rental unit.

                 In addition, the project offers an option for for an additional residential area that could to serve various objectives including; an entertainment center, extended family residence, second rental unit or as an auxiliary residence and/or working area for onsite healthcare resources if needed.


    Plan, design and install 
    function, beauty and value.