Outdoor Living Spaces


             Outdoor living space offers aesthetic value, as well as, the potential to contribute to human health and well-being through connection with the natural environment. Selecting sustainable materials for outdoor living spaces offer benefits beyond aesthetics.

             Integrating the interior living space into the garden makes the home feel bigger. Designing and furnishing the outdoor living space as the interior spaces makes it feel like a continuation of the indoors bringing the home outdoors.

             Keeping with its vision to be a unique and innovative home improvement, design and renovation center Honest Home assists homeowners improving their outdoor living spaces with design services while offering high quality products.

Outdoor Living Space Suppliers

             Morsø offers an outdoor collection of fireplaces, grills and ovens.   The Morsø outdoor series intensifies heat as well as outdoor warmth and atmosphere. In collaboration with the most recognized contemporary designers, Morsø has created a comprehensive outdoor concept, facilitating a more cheerful and beautiful as well as a more exclusive and exciting outdoor life.

             Our showroom and design studio serves as a unique working space that allows homeowners and our design consultants the opportunity to work collaboratively during the plan and design process, as well as, provides homeowners with the ability to personally evaluate and experience product displays. 

Plan, design and install function, beauty and value.