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RAIS Q-Tee II Wood Burning Stove without BASE

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RAIS Q-Tee II Wood Burning Stove without BASE

New, environmentally-friendly wood burning stove that you can use in your new construction or remodeling project. This streamline designed stove is elegant, functional and stands out with it's superior environmental performance of .9/gph emissions.

Rais Q-Tee II is regarded as one of the cleanest burning non-catalytic stoves on the North American market. The large fire box of this stove accepts a 17" piece of wood and can burn for many hours into the night. The large window with stay-clean technology offers a magnificent view of the flames.

The door is available in a steel frame, or can be enhanced with an extra piece of glass on the outer surface as an option, so the whole door appears to be glass.

Base comes standard with cover plate for outside air piping, or can also be used as a full open storage.

Outside-air adapter system is an option.

Small and large storage boxes, that are modular, can be added for additional seating next to a cozy fire.

Short leg option: 6.5" / 4.9" legs available ( Using legs requires additional hearth protection with R value of 3.19)

Model 83990 


BTU output 27 kBTu
Heat range (min-max) 10-27 kBTU
Heating capacity (25-68 degrees F) 1400 sq ft
Emissions 0.9 g/hr
Efficiency 75+%

Stove Exterior 22 9/10 - 17 - 42 1/3 "
Firebox Interior 17 1/2 - 9 3/5 - 10 1/5 "
Log Length 17 "
Pipe Diameter6 "
Distance from center of top exit to the
back edge of the top plate 5 1/8 "
Distance from floor to center of top exit 38 2/5th "
Distance from floor to center of rear exit 33 2/5 "
Floor to center of outside air connector 3/10 "

Distance to combustible side wall14 "
Distance to combustible back wall12 "
Corner Clearance to Combustible11 "

Stove 350 LB



Steel door with glass - Standard
Glass door - Accessory
Flue outlet, top and back - Standard
Base - Accessory
Riddling grate and ash tray - Standard
AirSystem - Accessory


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