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Solatube International

Solatube 290 ISn Architect Series Low Profile Collector

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Solatube 290 ISn Architect Series Low Profile Collector

New Integrated Solar Nightlight harnesses the sun’s energy during the day to power a soft-glow, solar-electric nightlight.

For a sleek, unobtrusive look on the roof, the 290 ISn Low Profile Collector delivers an attractive Architect Series upgrade to the standard collector domes. Includes an integrated solar-powered nightlight.

Specifying Solatube products requires an understanding of the property where the Solatube products are being installed. Honest Home recommends contacting our Showroom and Design Center for proper configuration of the Daylighting System for your project.


Tube Size ≈ 14 in. (350 mm)
Light Coverage Area ≈ 250-300 ft. (23 - 28 m)
Potential Tube Length ≈ 30 ft. (9 m)

Solar NightLight

Solatube integrated a small solar-electric system that collects the sun's energy by day to power a NightLight that automatically comes on at dark. The soft glow, which mimics moonlight, means you don't have to turn on the lights for late night trips to the bathroom or to navigate hallways and stairs.

Includes All Parts Necessary for a Standard Installation

290 DS Low Profile Collector
11.75" top and bottom tubes
1.5" Flashing
Fastener kit
Roof sealant
Classic Vusion™

NOTE - 20 inches of tube length included in this kit, NO extra extension tubes included. For tube runs longer than 20 inches, order additional extension tubes.